Dragons Halloween Ball is a production of Fantasy, Art & Music for a good cause.

Transcend time and reality as we are transported underwater into Electric Atlantis! All fortunate enough to populate this underwater playground will experience unparalleled levels of fantasy as Project Ai is transformed into an oceanic metropolis that will even make the Gods take notice.


Halloween Fantasy

2018's "Electric Atlantis" themed Dragons Halloween Ball will be an experience like none other. It's all about fantasy, art, and music at Dragons Halloween Ball, hosted by Dragons Ball Society. We encourage our guests to come dressed for the Electric Atlantis theme or in a costume of your choice. For some inspiration, check out our favorite costumes from the previous year's event. Party for a good cause! 


Dragons Halloween Ball, the most sexiest, artistic Halloween charity event of the year. Great times with great people.
— Peter S


Art & Live Performances

Dragons Halloween Ball is put on by a dedicated group of skilled artists and performers who donate their time and energy to bring you this epic show. From our stunning props to our amazing cirque-like performers showcasing our talented body artists, we have got a show that immeasurably raises the bar for all Halloween parties.


From the performances to the decorations, to the amazing costumes, to the incredibly artistic and imaginative body paint, everything is top notch and a delight to the senses.
— Charles M


Music All Night

With a monster sound system, insane laser and light show, and an extended closing time of 4am, our DJs will be mixing music to excite your senses and keep the party going well after the main show ends.  

The party event of the year!!!!! Best Halloween party and the body paint is outstanding, truly a work of art. It was the best experience!
— Fatima A



Reserve Your Experience

This event will sell out fast, so get your tickets early! Members, Sponsors, VIP & Bottle Service available.

My favorite event of the year!
— Heidi S